The Westleigh School Executive Academy Council

In March 2020, the Shaw Education Trust reconfigured the governance structure at The Westleigh School to form an Executive Academy Council.

This followed the resignation of the former Chair of the Academy Council due to a change in personal circumstances.

The Executive Academy Council’s main functions are to continue to secure a rigorous and robust approach to rapidly improving educational outcomes, including achievement, for all pupils.

The Executive Academy Council has been formed from the membership of the pre-existing academy council and has been complemented by the educational expertise of colleagues listed below:

Mrs Paula Crawley, Chair of the Executive Academy Council; secondary consultant for the Shaw Education Trust.

Mrs Dawn Platt, Director of Science, Data and Assessment for the Shaw Education Trust.

The full membership of the Executive Academy Council, its two committees and previous meeting attendance records are detailed below. 

It is anticipated that the Executive Academy Council will be in place for approximately 12 months.


Governing Body Membership Information

Governing Body Attendance Information



Page updated: 05/03/2020