The Drama department is renowned for outstanding independent learning, active learning, in-depth questioning and self/peer assessment which prepares students for cross-curricular work, life outside school and for successful further education.

The Drama department has very high expectations of all students and has excellent exam results at both key stages where a high percentage of students exceed their targets.

Drama lessons are mainly based on real life scenarios, exploring texts and scripts. Lessons are stimulating, exciting, motivating and always aimed at student needs and differentiated to suit all abilities. We are true believers in student voice to steer our teaching and on occasions students will assist in writing their schemes of work to ensure their needs are met.

The use of literacy and ICT is an integral part of the drama curriculum where all the students are encouraged to develop their skills in these areas.

To view our Drama Long Term Plan - CLICK HERE

The table below outlines the examination board(s) studies at Key Stage 4


Year 10 (2021)

Year 11 (2020)


Pearson BTEC (Performing Arts)

Pearson BTEC (Performing Arts)








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