Year 7 Induction Week had four phases that each of our 150 year 7 students participated in:-

Phase 1: The tough part – An arduous hike to Rivington Pike designed to develop resilience. Lunch was a simple affair that students had to carry and make themselves. No options were available, students ate what they were given or didn’t eat at all! (all medically related dietary requirements were taken into account and provided for.)

In spite of the challenges (or perhaps because of the challenges!) students had a wonderful day, taking time to make new friends, enjoy the walk and admire the stunning scenery.

Phase 2: The challenging part – Team-building day. Students worked in their forms along with their form teachers to complete a number of team-building challenges. Students learned to lead, support and value each other’s contributions and got to know their peers and form teachers better in the process.

Phase 3: The inspiring part – Students were taken to Lancaster University for a tour of the campus to see the life they could be leading if they work hard at school. As well as encouraging students to ‘Aspire and Achieve’, they were delighted to discover that the University has its own Greggs!

Phase 4: The Celebration part – at the end of the week, students took part in an awards assembly. Students contributions and achievements over the week were acknowledged, citations included:-

“for smiling all day”

“for encouraging others”

“for great problem solving ability”

Page updated: 24/01/2019