Westleigh students are invited to join in the fun at Howe Bridge on Thursday evenings from 6pm-9pm. For just 50p, young people aged 11-18 get free range over the adventure play, skate park and climbing walls. And for any students struggling with transport, there's even a free minibus* included which departs at 6.45pm  from the junction of Briar Grove and Birch Road on The Trees Estate, returning from Howe Bridge at 8.20pm.


Any students interested will need a completed parental consent form before they can board the minibus. A copy of the consent form is available here: http://thewestleighschool.co.uk/files/Howe_Bridge_50p_Thursdays_Registration_Form.pdf


You will also need to be a member of Wigan Youth Zone and can sign-up online here: https://www.wiganyouthzone.org/new-member/ . 


For further details, contact Miss Wilcockson at The Westleigh School on 01942 202580 or Wigan Youth Zone 01942 612061


*To use the minibus, you must be a member of Wigan Youth Zone and of school age.