It's a confusing time for everyone and we appreciate the questions you have asked as we have felt our way through this.  Please be assured that we have followed the guidance as well as looked at the best way to keep all students and staff safe.  Your questions have also helped us to shape our practice.  To save you from trawling through our social media replies, below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that hasn't been answered below. please contact school.  We can be contacted on 01942 202580, or via our Facebook page. 





Does my child need to wear a blazer?

Yes.  Students should wear full uniform, including their blazer.  We don’t expect blazers to be washed everyday but do ask that they are washed once a week.


What time will my child start and finish school?

It depends on the year they are in.  See the table below:








J Block Gate




Science Gate




J Block Gate




J Block Car Park Entrance




Science Gate


The school gates will be opened approximately 5 minutes before each start time. 


Can my child come to school on their bike?

Yes, if you feel they are safe to do so.  When in school, each year group bubble will have their own area to store bikes.


Are the buses running?

Bus services started back on 1st September.

Click here for the bus times


My child’s bus arrives earlier than their start time. What do they do?

As the start time for students in years 8, 9 and 10 is at the later time of 9.00am, where possible we ask students catch a later bus to avoid arriving at school too early. If this is not possible, students who travel on the bus in Years 8, 9 & 10 will be able to enter the school site via their allocated entrance and a member of staff will be available in each year group’s block to supervise.

All other students will not be able to enter the site until approximately 5 minutes before their start time. We understand the frustration this may cause, but we can't safely staff and supervise children that arrive at school early. We are equipped to manage the children who use the bus and arrive earlier (or need to leave later), but other than those, it will be a struggle for us.

We would be grateful if you could make alternative arrangements to ensure your child arrives for their allocated start time.


I have been told that students will now be staying in one classroom throughout the day and the staff moving around. Can you please confirm this?

Each year group will become a year group bubble and have been assigned their own zone. Students in each bubble will move into different classrooms within their own zone and teacher will come to them. Students will not be able to cross into the zones of other year groups. 


Does my child need to bring their PE kit?

Yes.  Students will still take part in practical PE, as per their timetable, therefore students will need to bring their PE kits. Enhanced cleaning of the changing rooms will take place between lessons.


What happens when we have PE?

We have arranged for enhanced cleaning of the changing rooms in between lessons and our PE teachers have planned Covid-safe lessons


Does my child need to wear a mask?

Yes. Students need to wear a mask in the following situations:

  • In corridors
  • In communal areas

They do not need to wear a mask when in the classroom or when outside.


My child is exempt from wearing a mask. What should they do?

Please call school on 01942 202580 and speak to their Head of Year.  For students that are exempt, they will discuss the options.


What rules are there on the masks, ie colour etc?

The government rules on face coverings are something that will securely cover the nose and mouth and not fall off. You can buy single use face coverings or purpose made fabric masks. Students could also use bandanas or such like, as long as they fit securely. In terms of colour, there are no particular restrictions but simply ask that they are sensible/inoffensive etc.


Can parents attend the main office including dropping goods off for their child?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors, including parents, to drop in to school.  All visits to school must be pre-arranged and a face covering should be worn.  Please ring the main office in the first instance with any concerns and staff will advise on the best course of action. Our school number is 01942 202580.


Can my child bring a school bag?

Yes.  We need all students to come equipped with a school bag that contains a black pen, green pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, highlighter and calculator.


Can my child buy a school dinner?

Yes. We are offering a reduced menu and students will be served and eaten in their allocated zones of the school.  The reduced menu will consist of a pasta option, a sandwich option and a curry or similar. One meal will be vegetarian each day


How will the students pay for their lunches, as I am presuming the fingerprint system will be a no go?

Students can't use the fingerprint system we normally operate. Instead, parents add money to their ParentPay account as usual. The children can then spend the money on their account but the transactions will be managed by our staff. This allows students to buy what they need but removes the fingerprint system. Having 5 different lunch areas, one for each year group, will make this manageable.


Can I ask about bringing packed lunches from home? Are there any restrictions/rules that we need to comply with?

We are happy for students to bring packed lunches. The same recommendations apply as before - no fizzy drinks or energy drinks and food that will provide enough sustenance for a busy brain. We will provide bins but also ask that where possible and within reason, rubbish is taken home and disposed of.


Will packed lunches be eaten in the same place as school lunches?

Yes. Each year group has allocated rooms to have their lunch within their bubbles.


Do I still need to activate my ParentPay account if my child is bringing a packed lunch?

Yes although there won't be any immediate rush for you to activate it. We are a cashless school so all future trips, events etc will be paid for via ParentPay


Will after school clubs run?

At the moment, we won't be able to run after-school clubs. As soon as we can safely run them and staff them, we will start them up again.

Page updated: 10/09/2020