Student Voice – Canteen (October 2017)

At the first meeting of Form Captains this year it was decided by the students that they would like to seek students views on the canteen facilities in school.

The concerns raised by students were:

A lack of seating means some groups of friends are unable to sit together and at the start of lunch the canteen gives an impression that it is overcrowded.

The queues are at times very long and most of student lunchtime is spent queuing up, meaning at times students don’t get enough time to eat their food.

Sometimes there is a lack of choice, especially for those students who are last entering the canteen.

Some food items are priced too expensively

The interior, especially in the new side is boring

What school is doing about these concerns:

D8 has now been allocated for students who bring a packed lunch into school, giving students the choice of D8 or the canteen with their friends. Phased entry into the canteen will be looked at to see if it is feasible for Year groups to have a staggered entry for their lunch. This would allow students time to do what they needed to do before going queuing up for their lunch. It is also being proposed that from next year we have a staggered lunchtime, with half the school on different lunchtimes.

Please refer to the response above which again explains how school is hoping to address the issues around queuing and time to eat.

Unfortunately this aspect of the canteen is controlled by an external company. However school will be speaking to them to try and ensure that all students get the same choice of food no matter what time they enter the canteen.

Again this is controlled by the external company. School will consult with them to look at the pricing of some of their products to see if there is anything they can do, or provide cheaper alternatives.

Totally agreed with student sentiments. School is looking into a mural for the wall and other décor it can put into the canteen. Students have been asked what they would like to see on the wall and some of the responses included; artwork from each year in school, famous local people and motivation quotes. School is now looking into how these suggestions can be incorporated into the rooms.

Other improvements the school could make to the canteen facilities

Outside eating area – There is already a small area behind the canteen already available for students to use which has a canopy over it, there is nowhere else suitable.

Vending machines – School feels there is no value in this because of problems with developing faults and the space required for their location. They usually also contain non- healthy options, something school is trying to discourage students from eating.

Music being played – This is something school is happy to introduce and will be sorted soon.

Extra staff and till – These are expensive and could result in food prices rising.

Page updated: 30/05/2018