Joe Lucas is Oxford bound!

Westleigh High is proud to report that former student and head boy, Joe Lucas, has been awarded a coveted place at the University of Oxford to study English at St Catherine’s College. Eighteen year old Joe has fond memories of his years at Westleigh and he thanks staff for motivating him to achieve his full potential.  

Joe encourages other Westleigh students to aim high as dreams really do come true. He says, “Oxford isn’t interested whether you had an expensive private education or whether you went to an ordinary school like Westleigh. It’s all about your ability and your passion for the subject.” In fact, Joe believes attending Westleigh has helped prepare him well for life at university. He says, “Some of other applicants had been to all boys schools and had never been in a class with girls before!”  

After leaving Westleigh, Joe went on to study at St John Rigby College.  Joe says the resilience and self-confidence he gained at school and college helped him endure the rigorous interview process at Oxford which involved an entrance exam and two interviews. St John Rigby is also very proud of their protégé who is their first student to be awarded a place at Oxford to study English. 

Page updated: 07/08/2018