The Drama department is renowned for outstanding independent learning, active learning, in-depth questioning and self/peer assessment which prepares students for cross-curricular work, life outside school and for successful further education.

The Drama department has very high expectations of all students and has excellent exam results at both key stages where a high percentage of students exceed their targets.

Drama lessons are mainly based on real life scenarios, exploring texts and scripts. Lessons are stimulating, exciting, motivating and always aimed at student needs and differentiated to suit all abilities. We are true believers in student voice to steer our teaching and on occasions students will assist in writing their schemes of work to ensure their needs are met.

The use of literacy and ICT is an integral part of the drama curriculum where all the students are encouraged to develop their skills in these areas.


All KS3 students are currently being taught the GCSE specification written and performance skills to ensure they achieve greater when they choose Drama as their option. At present all students at KS3 study Drama. This is to ensure every student has enrichment and gains self-confidence and self-esteem. The work done in our subject then allows the students to further develop across the curriculum. Drama underpins all aspects of life and the skills learnt and developed in class enables the students to further understand life and themselves. At KS3 the students mainly study and learn about issues that are appropriate to them and this then enables them to relate to the work and develop their knowledge and understanding. Drama lessons are very popular and students thrive, achieve, progress educationally and personally rapidly.


GCSE Drama is a very popular and successful option at KS4. The students are encouraged to further develop their skill which enables them to create more complex performances helping them work towards public performances, which then prepares them for their exam in Year 10 and 11. Students who study GCSE Drama are encouraged to work more independently within a group which shows their level of motivation and commitment to the subject.

GCSE Drama Exam breakdown

Component 1— Understanding Drama (externally assessed)

Learners will explore a published play using practical drama skills to gain understanding and knowledge of characters, setting and context. Within this component students will also explore roles and responsibilities within the theatre and review a live theatre performance to prepare them for the written exam.

Component 2—Devising Drama (Practical that is internally assessed)

Learners will develop the process of creating and performing devised drama which will lead to a performance to an audience. Learners will also analyse and evaluate their work throughout the process.

Component 3— Texts in Practice (practical that is externally assessed)

Learners will learn how to perform extracts from a published play for an audience.

From September 2017 we are excited to be offering an additional drama qualification - NCFE Performing Arts (vocational) to further suit our students’ needs.


NCFE Performing Arts

Assessment Structure

Unit 1 - Developing skills for performance (Internal)

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to assess the skills required for acting and the benefits and practicalities of skills development. Learners will develop a clear understanding of the importance of rehearsal.

Unit 2 - Prepare and perform (External)

This unit develops the learner’s understanding and effectiveness of preparing for, taking part in and evaluating a quality performance, ensuring close consideration is given to the needs of the audience

Unit 3 - Performance production in practice (Internal)

This unit develops the learner’s understanding of the practical and organisational processes that surround the successful staging of a performance; focussing on co-operative nature of a production team

The learning space

We have expanded as a department due to popularity and now have 2 studios. The studios are spacious which gives the students the opportunity to work to the best of their ability. The environments are inspiring, motivating and allow the students to work independently. The students work is displayed across the studio as we believe in celebrating our students, their hard work and commitment to the subject.

Drama club

The drama department has a very successful and popular theatre club where the students are an integral part of the devising and writing process of the school plays. We strive to give any student an opportunity to perform and take part of our success.


Mrs D Fraternale  (Head of Arts/Drama practitioner)
Mr M Ashton (Drama practitioner)

Page updated: 27/02/2019