We aim to deliver lessons for all students in a fun, stimulating and challenging way, whilst ensuring that we equip students with the crucial literacy skills required for the world of work and life. The English Faculty is committed to developing literacy skills and therefore we encourage students to develop a love of reading, writing and expressing themselves with clarity. To encourage students to read for pleasure, all students visit the school library regularly and have calendared reading enrichment activities across the year. Essential skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar are explicitly taught as part of the English curriculum. Students are taught in sets in both key stages to ensure that students maximize their abilities. As we are located in the brand new English block, students learn in a state of the art environment including interactive projectors in bright, airy collaborative classrooms. Currently we have ten English teachers as well as one dedicated Learning Support Assistants. Homework, which is compulsory, is set in both key stages and we encourage parents to support us to ensure that homework is completed to the standard and that students meet deadlines.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is specifically designed to engage all students through a range of themed units of work, which encourage creativity, co-operation and independence.  In Year 7, students will secure and develop their literacy skills to ensure that all learners can confidently express themselves through their writing and also orally. Year 8 allows students to expand their understanding of English, whilst still focusing on developing a high standard of literacy, and to study areas of English Language that are new to them; this will involve groups looking at historical texts and also studying a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

Throughout Key Stage 3, students’ progress is carefully assessed and monitored to ensure that they fulfill their potential and receive the appropriate support and guidance that they may require. For specific students, 1 to 1 intensive tutoring has been introduced to enable identified students to achieve their targets and personalized reading programs are in place to support reading skills.

Key Stage 4

AQA English Language and Literature

All students study both English Language and English Literature at GCSE level in years 9, 10 and 11. Year 9 is designed to bridge the gap between Key Stage 3 and GCSE, and students will begin to study a range of GCSE English language and literature texts. In English Language, students study a range of units, such as: explorations in creative reading and writing, which is a fiction based study, and non-fiction studies of writer’s viewpoints and perspectives. English Literature will include the study of a Shakespeare play, a 19th Century novel, a modern play and both seen and unseen poetry. Both of the courses are assessed solely by examination and the exam for each course will be sat at the end of the key stage in Year 11.

Intervention in Y11 takes place after school which, though open to all Y11 students, is targeted towards students who have been invited on a weekly basis.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Nicholls, who is head of the English faculty.

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