The Humanities faculty consists of a highly motivated, well respected team of staff. The department combines staff with lots of teaching experience and new approaches to ensure that pupils achieve their potential through subjects that are both informative and enjoyable.

The faculty emphasis is based on a collaborative approach to facing new challenges and problem solving. Good relationships with students and a commitment to providing a positive learning environment, where both teachers and students can achieve, are important features.

At GCSE we teach the following syllabuses:

Geography- KS4



Edexcel History – KS4

These contain a wide variety of topics which pupils seem to enjoy and which help them to develop a range of transferable skills.


Geography at KS3

Topics covered in Year 7

  1. Fantastic places
  2. Rivers
  3. Biomes
  4. The UK

Topics Covered in Year 8

  1. Weather and climate.
  2. Africa
  3. Coastal landscapes

At KS3, students will be assessed on each of the topics throughout the year with a formal examination on the subject.


Geography at KS4

At GCSE pupils further develop the skills, knowledge and understanding gained at Key Stage 3. We examine 2 main areas which are: -

Unit 1, Living with the physical environment – This unit examines the impact of natural hazards, the different types of ecosystem and how different landforms have been created. It also looks at how humans interact with the physical environment.

Unit 2, Challenges in the human environment – This unit examines a range of human geography related to how and where we live and how our actions are impacting the available resources to us and how economies around the world are developing.

Unit 3 Geographical Applications – This unit uses the skills from fieldwork activities and source evaluation techniques to carry out decision making exercises on a range of geographical events.


Students will be assessed throughout the course through GCSE style examination papers on each of the topics covered


Geography Links Help with the topics covered at GCSE. Useful satellite images covering current events. US Geological Survey. Contains a wealth of geographical information. Up to date events in the world of geography.

Many of these sites have links to other useful information.


Please see Mr Killen for any further information


History is the study of people and the past.  It involves exploring past communities, cultures and identities.  The study of History is vital in explaining and understanding current world events.  Through the study of History, pupils will develop the skills of:

·    Chronology

·    Interpretation

·    Analysis

·    Communication

·    Enquiry

·    Organisation

Students will study:


Keystage 3

Year 7

What did the Romans do for us?

Why did England get a French king?

Was life really rotten in the Middle Ages?

Why was Henry VIII desperate for a divorce?

Does the Empire still impact us?

Year 8


What horrors lay behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Why did most people in Manchester die before the age of 20?

Why did World War One start?

Why did ‘heroes’ live in trenches?

Why do it all again in World War 2?

Why must the Holocaust never be forgotten?


Keystage 4

Edexcel GCSE History

 Year 9

The American West 1835-1895

Medicine through time c1250 to present

Year 10

Environment study: Conditions on the Western Front

Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-33

Year 11

Early Elizabethan England 1558-8


Further information, specification and further material:


Contact: Mr Cunliffe (Head of History) for further info



At KS4, students study Edexcel GCSE citizenship in order to prepare them to be active citizens, engaging and participating in public life.

Having learned about democracy, lobbying and law, students will identify a local issue which needs addressing and then take action to raise awareness of the problem.

Students study 5 main themes throughout the course. These are:

Theme A: Living together in the UK.

Theme B : Democracy at work in the UK.

Theme C: Law and justice.

Theme D: Power and influence.

Theme E: Taking citizenship action.


Useful Links:

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