The Humanities faculty consists of a highly motivated, well respected team of staff. The department combines staff with lots of teaching experience and new approaches to ensure that pupils achieve their potential through subjects that are both informative and enjoyable.

The faculty emphasis is based on a collaborative approach to facing new challenges and problem solving. Good relationships with students and a commitment to providing a positive learning environment, where both teachers and students can achieve, are important features.

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Useful History websites to aid learning at Key Stage 3:


The Edexcel topic booklets attached provide an overview of resources and websites that students can access aid their learning at GCSE History:

Paper 1 Medicine though time topic booklet

Paper 2 Early Elizabethan England topic booklet

Paper 2 American West topic booklet

Paper 3 Weimar and Nazi Germany topic booklet

All students in years 10 and 11 have access to GCSE revision online or by downloading the Seneca app

Useful apps that can be downloaded to aid learning in History:


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