Mathematics and the ability to be numerate are skills that are a necessity for life. The Faculty aims to provide and develop these skills in an atmosphere that allows students to reach their potential irrespective of their starting point.

The Mathematics faculty is located in the main block and consists of nine dedicated classrooms and an ICT suite.  Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard.  

Curriculum Time

Every class in every year group receives 4 one-hour lessons per week.

Years 7 - 11 are put into sets according to ability.  The school follows the Lancashire Assessment Program in KS3 and the Edexcel Linear Specification at KS4.  We use a wealth of resources ranging from textbooks to maths specific software that can be accessed online, encouraging independent learning at home.

High ability students in year 11 are also given the opportunity to undertake the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics (AQA) as an extra-curricular option.  The examination is sat in June of Year 11.


Key Strands

Throughout the two key stages we focus on the following six key strands based on the new maths curriculum:


Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change






Key Stage 3

Year 7 & Year 8

All classes work in a four-tiered banding system, in accordance with the Lancashire Assessment Program.  Focusing on core skills, the scheme allows pupils to work at their own pace and to allow them all to aspire to mastery of these specific key skills.

All classes sit half-termly assessments which are preparation for the new GCSE grades (1 – 9) throughout KS3.


Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 begins in year 9

We follow a three-year GCSE course at Westleigh.  This allows enough time for all students to acquire mastery of the key skills needed to succeed in the new GCSE qualification.  Assessed on a regular basis, including three mock exams in both year 10 and 11, the scheme is thorough and varied


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For more information please contact the head of department Ms Rebecca Stafford

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