The most important thing that people develop in music is their confidence. Music has the power to change pupils’ futures and outlook on life. In the music department the teacher's job is to inspire the pupils through the teacher's infectious enthusiasm for their subject.

The curriculum taught at KS3 and KS4 is designed to meet pupils’ needs and help them to make great strides during their time at Westleigh. During KS3 the pupils will learn to develop an understanding of music from a range of genres and cultures. This includes Samba in year 7, Big Band Swing Music in year 8 and Band Skills during year 9.

GCSE Music is a very popular option which students take during years 10 & 11. The results that the pupils achieve are always excellent. The most significant and impressive fact about the results is that pupils nearly always achieve at least one grade above their target. The % A* - C grades are often amongst the best in theschool and among the best results within the authority.

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The table below outlines the examination board(s) studies at Key Stage 4


Year 10 (2021)

Year 11 (2020)









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