Here at Westleigh we are proud to provide a broad and balanced PE programme that students find challenging, enjoyable and satisfying. All students are given the opportunity to become engaged in PE and sport and are able to reach their full potential both physically and cognitively through the PE curriculum. An ethos of teamwork, fair play and hard work through physical activity contributes to the overall development of all students at Westleigh.

A wide variety of activities are delivered through both KS3 and KS4 that cater for the learning needs of all students and allow all levels of ability to make progress in line with National Curriculum guidelines. Dance is delivered through PE lessons and forms an integral part of the faculty’s provision, allowing both boys and girls the chance to develop creativity, confidence and self-awareness. GCSE PE and BTEC Dance courses at KS4 provide students with excellent opportunities to continue their development in sport and dance throughout their school life and provide the knowledge and understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle beyond the school environment.


Our committed staff provide an extensive extra-curricular sport programme that aims to develop sporting excellence at Westleigh as well as providing all students with the opportunity to access high quality physical activity outside the curriculum.

The PE faculty is fully committed to providing exciting learning experiences for all students that allow them to develop, learn and have fun!

The PE faculty is proud to deliver the biggest and best whole-school events each and every year! Sports Day is one of the most eagerly anticipated days in the school calendar, which sees the whole school congregate on the astro-turf  to cheer on our budding athletes. With each form representing a country Sports Day is an exciting and colourful spectacle enjoyed by all. The Dance Show takes place every February, with over 100 pupils performing a variety of dance styles. The sports hall is transformed into a professional dance stage and is packed full with the proud friends and family of our brilliant dancers. Finally, at the end of each year the PE faculty holds its PE Presentation Evening, where all our fantastic sport and dance pupils are invited, with their family, to celebrate their achievements throughout the year. This is a chance for the PE staff to say well done and thank you to everyone who represents the school so brilliantly!


Long Term Plans

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The table below outlines the examination board(s) studies at Key Stage 4


Year 10 (2021)

Year 11 (2020)

Sports Studies

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Cambridge National







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