At Westleigh, all students follow Science courses from Year 7 to 11. We combine the three traditional sciences of biology, chemistry and physics together with aspects of astronomy and earth science.

Science is a core subject in the National curriculum and regular assessment, both informally during normal lessons and more formally in practical and written tests, is integral to the courses in all years. Much of our science teaching is approached by way of practical investigations in which students have the opportunity to plan and carry out some of their own experiments.

Use of ICT is becoming integral to the teaching of science. Interactive whiteboards are used for teaching and pupils are able to access computers in each laboratory. Students are encouraged to develop their IT skills wherever possible within the science curriculum. We encourage high standards of presentation, the use of good English and the development of a sound mathematical approach to science, supporting the national literacy and numeracy strategies.


Homework is set on a regular basis and usually consists of written work, review and learning exercises.

Laboratory Layout

The Science Department is situated in 2 blocks and consists of 6 modern laboratories and 1 computer room. All the laboratories are fully equipped with interactive white boards, computers, power, gas, water supply and scientific equipment.


To view our Science Long Term Plan - CLICK HERE

Page updated: 15/01/2020