I am extremely pleased to be addressing you as the Executive Headteacher of The Westleigh School.

I am privileged to hold the position of Executive Headteacher and I am proud to work in a school that is rightly recognised as the most improved in the borough.

The schools focus on developing positive working relationships with students and parents/carers is symbolic of our commitment to consistently improve standards.  

The school motto of “Aspiring and Achieving Together”  accurately captures the shared vision which ensures that leaders at all levels are developing their ability to communicate high expectations.

The Westleigh School places an unrelenting focus on the quality of teaching above all else so that the students are able to grow in a continuously developing learning environment.  This positive working atmosphere, combined with the commitment of all staff and academy councillors who strive to get the very best from our students, will allow me to really push the boundaries of academic excellence.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with all parts of the Westleigh family over the coming years so that we can continue on our journey towards becoming a world class institution that fully serves our fantastic community.

With your help, we can ensure every student leaves the school having achieved their full potential and beyond, with a strong sense of community, armed with ambition, ready to be the best that they can be.

I do value your opinions highly and openly invite you to share them with the school, both good and bad.  I also look forward to meeting you at events during the course of the school’s academic calendar.