A strong Parent/Teacher Association operates within The Westleigh School and all parents are welcome to attend.

The aim of the Association is to establish a closer co-operation between parents and school for the greater benefit of our students.

Our school PTA meet once per half term and all parents are welcome to attend.

See our PTA News blog below where you will see the most recent discussions and resulting actions as well as any upcoming social and fund raising activities.


Future meetings – taking place in J block

  • Wednesday 29th June 2022 at 6pm
  • Wednesday 13th July 2022 at 6pm


May 2022 PTA News

Some exciting items coming out of the PTA meeting this month.

  • Summer Fayre – Our Summer Fayre takes place on Saturday 16th July. The PTA are going to be running a uniform shop. For a small donation you will be able to buy items of uniform that are pre-loved and in good condition. Parents are going to be asked if they would like to donate items for the stall.
    Mrs Reiersen the schools operations manager will be joining the next PTA meeting to share the full plans for the day including stall and activities taking place ….. watch this space!


  • Uniform – The PTA feel like year 11 students should have something slightly different to the rest of the school in the form of a jumper possibly instead of a blazer. Mr Bramwell is going to discuss this with the leadership team and consider any cost implications for parents.


  • Rewards – The school council are currently doing a piece of work on rewards. They are looking into what types of rewards students want and what they feel they should be awarded for. Mrs Cain is going to attend the next PTA meeting to give them some feedback on how the school is going to move forward with rewards.


  • School synergy – Mr Lamoury logged our PTA members onto the school synergy website. They got to navigate the site and view lots of different information about their child, attendance, lates information, behaviour logs and praise awards. The PTA loved it!
    Mr Lamoury is now working on a way of sharing this with all parents :)


  • Parents evening – Miss Stafford is going to look into speeding up the sign in desk at parents evening to help parents get a quicker start to their appointments.

April 2022 PTA News

We had a great meeting before Easter with lots of useful discussion and exciting plans moving forward.

  • Uniform – we have discussed the price of some of the items of uniform and it has been suggested that the PTA run a uniform swop shop where parents can donate items of uniform that are still in good condition but have been out grown. Then for a small donation parents can purchase these items. We will be discussing this further and putting plans into place at our next PTA meeting in May.
  • Fame Jr – The PTA are really impressed at the Fame Jr performance and want to give a special shout out to Ms Fraternale and Mr Dykes who with the help of Jake Y11 and the cast have done an amazing performance!
  • Fundraising – The PTA would like to get involved at fundraising to help the school. The school are looking into holding a Summer Fair with the support of the PTA and this will be discussed in out next meeting.
  • School Synergy  – The school are wanting to improve the way that they communicate with parents. The PTA have been shown the new platform and are going to be the first parents to trial it next month…. Watch this space!
  • E Library  - The PTA are loving the new E Library, ask your child about it if you have not yet seen it!


We are a new PTA and would welcome more members to join us at out next meeting. Please email rebeccastafford@westleigh.wigan.sch.uk if you would like to join us. Contribute as little or as much as you like in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Page updated: 23/05/2022