‘Get Caught Reading’ at Westleigh

At Westleigh, we recognise that a competence in reading is key to independent learning and has a direct impact on children’s progress at school and beyond. Reading builds sources of knowledge for children and it is central to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate with each other and the world around us. We strive to nurture enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers, with a love of reading and a sense of the importance of reading as a strategic tool for life-long learning and success in the world of work.

Our Commitment to Reading:

  • To develop a love of books and reading that lasts for a lifetime.
  • To create a strong, embedded reading culture through a rich language environment within classrooms and the wider school environment.
  • To teach new and advanced subject vocabulary in systematic ways so that pupils can transfer these across the curriculum.
  • To develop competent readers through shared strategies and skills: fluency, accuracy, understanding and prediction by engaging in wide range of literary genres/ types of texts.
  • To develop digital literacy skills that helps readers to navigate the information online.
  • To understand and respond to literature drawn from a range of cultures and literary heritage in English lessons.
  • To recognise the value of parents/careers as essential components in supporting and developing children’s reading skills and love of reading.
  • To monitor and assess children’s progress in reading and identify those who require extra support and intervene at an early stage.


We are a Reading School…

Reading is taught throughout the whole school as an integral part of the school day. Learning across the curriculum contributes to pupils’ development of language, since speaking, listening, writing and reading are, to varying degrees, integral in all lessons. During English lessons and other areas of the curriculum, children will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of quality texts (both fiction and non-fiction) and are encouraged to respond and reflect on these. Students are encouraged and rewarded through our ‘Get Caught Reading’ strategy. All staff reward pupils with stickers and a loyalty card to win free books and other prizes in the library.

At form time, through the use of shared and guided reading, children will experience good models of reading and reading discussion, using a variety of quality texts and sources. Making judgements about what is read, and the ability to respond critically to what is significant in a text develops as readers gain experience of a wide variety of texts. Our developing readers secure their phonics skills through the use of ‘SoundsWrite’ intervention. Providing a phonics-first approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling ensures purposeful learning is taking place for our developing readers. The use of KS2/3 reading strategies (Reading VIPERS) with a focus on developing mastery in comprehension skills is of prime importance and a focus for staff CPD, especially with our SEND students.

Reading Rockets

We utilise Accelerated Reader (AR) at Westleigh as whole cohort management and monitoring programme that aims to foster independent reading. Our English teachers monitor the reading development and practices of their pupils and utilise tools to quickly ascertain their reading level, reading age and comprehension level. All KS3 pupils can read a book, take an online quiz and get immediate feedback. They are aided in their selection of the next book by the monitoring software which guides the level of difficulty for their choice. The programme encourages pupils to read independently and more importantly at their own pace and level. We have a range of new and exciting books at each level to support pupils’ choices linked to our ‘Get Caught Reading’ strategy. Our Reading Rockets initiatives tracks reading trends by class and pupil, ensuring monthly rewards are given out in assemblies and English lessons to celebrate good reading habits and progress in reading.


Our new, online library is live with over 2,500 books for students to read at home on a phone, tablet or home computer. The ‘AccessIt’ library can be enjoyed by parents and pupils together at home and comes complete with a range of tools to support reading. Text can be enlarged, background colour modified and words annotated and defined. The Westleigh online library allows students to track, reserve, return and even quiz on the books they have loaned. Our AccessIt library supports homework and reading for all subjects with its intelligent search tools and personalised catalogue facilities. Reading rewards are linked to e-platform usage as we launch our BOOKFLIX competitions.

Page updated: 13/05/2022