We couldn't wait to welcoming everyone back to school after a long lockdown period.  We were definitely ready to hit the ground running. 

As part of our planned enrichment activities, and despite the complications of Covid restrictions, we still felt it was important to give our children a variety of experiences outside of the normal curriculum.  In a similar way to our Christmas Meals for Years 8 and 9, we were able to offer the same three-course experience for our year 7s and Year 10s. Not only did the children have a fabulous time and a slap up Roast Beef dinner, they also received an Easter Egg each.  Mrs Coleman's car was stuffed to the rafters when she picked up the eggs from Tesco!



"Thank you for giving us time to spend with our friends, especially after such a long lockdown"

"The food was delicious.  Thank you"

"Thank you Mrs Wells for organising this.  It's been brilliant"