Welcome to The Westleigh School's Holiday Hub, your go-to destination for exciting activities and events during school breaks! We know that holidays are a time for relaxation and fun, but they're also an opportunity for students to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories. That's why we've curated a dynamic line up of activities and events designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and build lasting friendships.

At The Westleigh School, we believe in providing enriching experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Our holiday activities and events are not only educational but also entertaining, ensuring that every student enjoys their time off to the fullest.

School Events

Tuesday 2nd April

Drama - Miss Fraternale Start: 9:00am Finish: 3:00pm

Art- (Option D group) - Miss Hesketh Start: 10:00am Finish: 3:00pm

GCSE PE - Miss Connolly and Miss Lovatt Start:10:00am Finish: 3:00pm

Sports studies - Mr Hilton Start: 10:00am Finish: 3:00pm


School Events

Wednesday 3rd April

Maths - Mrs Rhodes (11A1) Start:9:30am Finish:1:00pm

Maths - Mrs Blyth (11A5) Start:9:30am Finish:11:30am

Science - Miss Tomlinson (11A4, 11B3)- Start:9:30am Finish:12:00pm


School Events

Thursday 4th April

History - (All students)- Mr Cunliffe, Mr Cartwright, Miss Cleveland Start:9:00am Finish:11:00am

Dance - Mrs Watling Start:9:00am Finish:1:00pm

IT (all ICT students) - Mr Hodson Start:10:00am Finish:3:00pm

Art - (Option C group)- Miss Hesketh Start:10:00am Finish:3:00pm


School Events

Friday 5th April

French - (All students)-Mrs Michalakakos & Mrs Kraweckyj Start:9:30am Finish:3:00pm

Maths - Miss Stafford (11A2), Miss Shawcross (11A5) Start:9:30am Finish:11:30am


School Events

Monday 8th April

English - Mrs Molyneux (11A1), Mrs Moulton (11B3), Mrs Howarth (11A2 & 11B1), Mr Helps (11A4) Start:10:00am Finish:12:00pm



School Events

Tuesday 9th April

Triple Science - Mr Priest Start:10:30am Finish:12:30pm

Sports Studies - Mr Sutton (specific students) Start:10:00am Finish:3:00pm


School Events

Wednesday 10th April

Triple Science - Mrs Lord Start:9:30am Finish:12:30pm

Science - Mrs Lord (11A2, 11B2) Start:12:00pm Finish:2:00pm

Music - Mr Dykes Start:10:00am Finish:3:00pm


School Events

Thursday 11th April

IT (all ICT students) - Mr Hodson Start:10:00am Finish:3:00pm

Computer Science - Mr Lamoury Start:9:30am Finish:12:00pm


School Events

Friday 12th April

English - Mr Nicholls (11A3) Start:10:00am Finish:12:00pm

English - Mr Nicholls (11B2) Start:12:00pm Finish:2:00pm